About the California Bible Conference

The California Bible Conference is a long standing conference which takes place in Yosemite Valley in the Yosemite National Park in Central California. For years, the conference has been a time for believers from assemblies all across the globe to come, gather, and hear the Word of God while in the midst of His awesome creation.

The California Bible Conference is a week long conference - going from Sunday to Saturday - and most usually takes place during the second week of July.

The conference format is simple. Sunday evening, there is a Breaking of Bread meeting for those who have already arrived in the valley. Ministry meetings begin on Monday and continue through Saturday morning. Every morning of the week, before the ministry meeting, a prayer meeting takes place for those who wish to attend. During the ministry meeting, the conference's two speakers each speak for about one hour at a time. Twice during the week, once on Tuesday night and once on Thursday night, a gospel is given by one of the speakers.

Following the meetings, everyone is free to do whatever they would like. However, there are still organized conference activities which take place.

Monday evening is usually a time for the young people to come together, sings some songs, and ask the speakers any questions they may have. This is very casual and usually includes dinner, snacks, and fellowship.

Fridays are usually the day where most people go hike to Half Dome. If you'd like to hike up Half Dome, permits are now required and must be applied for in advance. If you have questions regarding this process, click here.

There are plenty of activities at the conference and it is a week of true blessing, fellowship, and encouragment. Hope you can make it!